Partnership to support your growth, healing, and evolution.


We want to feel more present, connected, and capable; yet we get caught in habits that prevent us from living into a full and abundant life. Everyone has the power to transform within them, but none of us can do it alone. We will tune into what’s wanting to shift and emerge in you and around you, bring presence and love to what feels hard, and remind you of your truth and power. Depending on what’s alive for you, we will explore the terrain of personal life, relationships, community, livelihood, trauma, and the intersection of personal development and social action.

I create a coaching container that holds liberatory values, an intersectional lens, and deep awareness of the political, social, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of our human experience. Our time together will support you to access and release emotions, unwind deep blockages, and offer a space for reflection, exploration and meaning making.

We May Be a Good Match If You Are:

  • Wanting to give your deepest gifts
  • Getting stuck in patterns of avoidance, collapse, or playing it safe
  • Feeling isolated in your social life or your work life
  • Wanting to show up for justice
  • Feeling blocked by confusion, fear, or overwhelm
  • Sensing your organization needs to change, but are unsure how
  • Needing help staying grounded amidst challenge and change

Take a look at the offerings below and schedule a free call with me if you’d like to explore having my support.


Listen To
Your Calling

Cultivate your courage. Live into your fullest expression.


Find your power amidst the challenges of our times.

Transform Trauma
to Truth

Meet and transform unconscious patterns.

Change Your Organization

Evolve your group’s culture, structure, and strategy.

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“Simon leaves no stone unturned in his personal transformation process and will leave no stone unturned in yours either. He is skilled, wildly intelligent and has a line of sight on truth that makes impurities squirm. I trust him fully to stand for the healing of supremacy culture, and I am sure he will play a historic role in helping humanity heal so we can come together and cooperate to create our shared thriving future.”