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Helping Your Organization Navigate COVID-19

We are being initiated into a new level of adaptability in so many dimensions. How do we create personal well-being? How do we maintain good relationships? How do we continue collaborating in teams? How do we weave or work together to create an economy and politics that enables people and planet to thrive?

These questions aren’t new, but they are thrown into stark relief by this moment that seems as unprecedented as it does familiar; where so much is up in the air even as familiar political forces and human instincts compete for terrain.

This list of resources is intended to help us find a generative orientation to what is happening and how we can respond. It is curated to be specifically supportive for folks affiliated with organizations or other movement formations. There are sources to help us (1) orient to the macro-context, (2) find our roles within it, (3)reflect on how to lead, (4) develop skills for maintaining operations within social distancing and (5) learn from inspiring interventions around the globe.

Orient to the Macro-Context:

What Time is It On the Clock of the World: From Pandemic to Power Building a panel conversation with the Center for Economic Democracy.

This panel conversation helps situate the pandemic in the context of long-term movements for collective liberation. It’s diverse panelists articulate the ways different communities are being impacted, frankly discuss risk and possibility, and leave the viewer with specific calls to action.

Interview with Richard Wolff: A Marxist Analysis of the Crisis

This interview does a great job of explaining how an extractive economic systems left us especially vulnerable to the impacts of COVID and how that system is ill-suited to help us recover.

What Will the World Look Like After Coronavirus: Four Possible Futures by Simon Mair

This article takes a fairly objective look at four different directions our response might take us, ranging from totalitarianism to distributed mutual care.

Coronavirus and Agribusiness an interview with Rob Wallace

Author of the book "Big Farms Make Big Flu" discuss how agribusiness and deforestation increase the likelihood of epidemics like the one we are experiencing now.

Finding Our Roles

Mapping [Individual’s] Social Change Roles in Times Of Crises by Deepa Iyer

This short blog can help individuals understand how their unique gifts intertwine with other’s to create a holistic movement landscape

The Movement Cycle by Movement Net Labs

This model helps us see how trigger events such as COVID bring more energy into movement spaces and how that energy shifts and dissipates over time. It’s a great model to help think about how we use the energy of this moment to build long terms solutions.

Movement Ecology by the Ayni Institute

This model maps three different basic theories of change, and explores how they intertwine to create a robust movement.

How to Create an Ecology of Change: An Interview with Mark and Paul Engler

This big picture view of social change helps us see how different tactics intertwine, and prompts us to think about how we can better collaborate across issue areas, theories of change, and tactic preferences.

Leadership Mindsets and Context

COVID-19 A Time for Spiritual Fortitude by the NDN Collective

A call to stay grounded and connected from people who know a lot about resilience.

Stanford Social Impact Review Guide to Resilient Leadership During the CoVid-19 Crisis

A list of nine articles ranging from how to navigate crises mentality, to how to build trust, to how use design thinking.

Challenges Facing Nonprofits hosted by Nonprofit Quarterly

A podcast where three leaders “share their fears about how hits to their fundraising programs and government funding could affect their work. They explain how their vulnerable constituents are more at risk from COVID-19, and what this says about economic justice and inequity across the country. They also express optimism that, amidst this crisis, philanthropy is finding ways to step up.”

Leading Your Business Through Coronavirus by Martin Reeves, Nikolaus Land, and Philipp Carlsson-Szlezak

This article provides high-level mindsets to maintain an organization’s operations and cultural health.

Philanthropy’s Response to CoVid hosted by Nonprofit Quarterly

Four presenters explore the following: “What is the right response from foundations? How are they balancing multiple factors: their commitments to existing grantees, their contributions to wider COVID-19 responses, and the impact of the economic slowdown on their asset levels? What strategies do foundation leaders see working so far? What do they hope their peers will do more of—and less of? And what is their guidance to grant-seekers in these uncharted waters?”

Maintaining Management and Operations

Tips for Virtual Workplaces by Work Shouldn’t Suck

A list of articles about how to create virtual workplaces written by a team that was working on this long before social distancing began.

Working From Home Tips by Emily Cronkleton

Some tips for how to maintain physical and emotional wellbeing while working from home.

Our Responses to COVID-19 Must Center Disability Justice by Katie Tastrom

Frameworks and insights to help organizations think about how to implement inclusive responses.

Alternatives to Zoom

A short list of video conferencing software options.

10 Tips for Staying Human on Video Calls by Simon Mont

For folks wanting more presence, connection, and effective collaboration on calls.

5 Decentralized Organizing Tips for a New CoVid Project by Richard Bartlett

For folks who are participating rapidly emerging projects.

Inspiring Examples

Rethinking Social Change in the Face of CoVid-19 published by Stanford Social Impact Review

Specific examples of ways organizations and governments are innovating and responding.

Mutual Aid Groups Respond to Double Threat of Coronavirus and Climate Change by Anna Kusmer

Puts mutual aid efforts in a political context.

Wishing us all the best. May our futures not be confined to the limits of our present.

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