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Introducing Simon’s Work

What exactly do I do?

I help us shed the skin of broken systems; and step into new ways of being, leading, and working together.

We carry the vision of liberated world in our hearts. We already see the outline of it emerging. We have everything we need to make it real.

Yet, as we cultivate the world we deserve, our lives, our leadership, and our organizations are limited by habits and structures that we have learned from the very system that we long to transcend.

The systems that have created ecological devastation, enlisted us in a never-ending physical, economic, and spiritual war against one another, and severed us from connection to the deepest layers of our interconnected humanity are also the very systems that have taught us how to treat ourselves, relate to each other, lead, hold power, and create organizations.

We’ve learned about business strategy from armies. We’ve learned management techniques from slave holders. We’ve learned about our human worth from marketplaces. We’ve learned about our identities from advertisers. We’ve learned how to hold power from dominators. We’ve learned how to lead from those desperate for control. We’ve learned about tenderness from a society that has viewed it as weakness.

Too often we compete for power over each other, instead of stepping to power with each other.

We leave ourselves and each other feeling unseen, unappreciated, and undervalued instead of celebrating our presence and our unique gifts.

We put ourselves and each other in boxes, instead of creating space for our authentic leadership.

We struggle to make space for the wisdom of our hearts, intuitions, and bodies, leaving the depth of our inspired creativity behind in the process.

We replicate patterns like racism, sexism, and colonization inside the very organizations we create to transform them.

We come into conflict with the very people we long to build new worlds with.

We have visionary and spiritual insights, then struggle to integrate them into the daily rhythms of our work and lives.

This is no mistake.

It is the natural outcome of political, economic, and cultural systems that were built to objectify people and planet in service of extraction and consolidation of wealth, power, and energy

It is no one’s fault.

Even though there are identifiable agents that have intentionally created, reinforced, and benefited materially from these systems, the wisdom of our hearts knows that even these beings are just acting out the delusions of superiority, separateness, and fear that they inherited from the complicated and traumatizing story of human history

Here we are.

In the process of transcending the scarcity, violence, and trauma of the past in order to create the abundant peaceful, whole present that is our birthright.

Needing to learn new ways of being, leading, and working together.

Ways of understanding and holding our identities that honor our differences, our connections, and our inter-being.

Ways of building, navigating, and sharing power that call on all of us to step into the fullest version of ourselves.

Ways of seeing each other’s truths and tending to each other’s hearts that make us shine in each other’s light.

Ways of collaborating that care for and cultivate our humanity. Ways that give us space to bring our deepest and most transformative gifts.

Ways of making decisions that foster the strength, resiliency, and the cohesion of groups.

Ways of aligning around visions that make our communities, our children, and our ancestors proud.

Ways of working together than make our visions real right now.

So that as Harsha Walia says, our journey toward liberation can be liberating.

Here we are, together. And I want to do this with you.

I want to bring my experience, my learnings, my skills, my presence, and my creativity to help you or your organization shed the skin of broken systems to step into new ways of being, leading, and working together.

I bring more than a decade of facilitation experience, a law degree, and extensive involvement in grassroots movements and collective living. I’ve trained and consulted with well over a hundred next-generation organizations since I began this work in 2016, and since 2017 I’ve been training deep psychology, trauma repair, and subtle energy healing to bring a deeper awareness and intimacy to my practice.

For individuals looking for support navigating the relationship between their purpose, identity, spiritual and personal development, activism, trauma, and leadership I offer accompaniment, coaching, and healing reflection.

For small groups looking deepening their engagement with justice and liberation, I offer facilitation, conflict support, and group coaching.

For organizations hosting board/staff/ or leadership retreats, creating strategic plans, developing their internal operations, creating inclusive cultures, weaving trauma-awareness and wholeness, or navigating with conflict (especially conflict related to power and diversity) I offer facilitation, consulting, and coaching.

I believe in us.

I am watching us rediscover who we are and what we are capable of. I am watching the world our hearts know is possible emerge into the present. I am feeling the tectonic shifts of our times; riding the earthquake with the faith that it will create great mountains overlooking lush landscapes.

Hineni. Here I am. At our service.

Looking forward to creating something beautiful with you.

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